Early Years Foundation Stage

We know how important the first years of school are for you and your child. To help parents of new pupils, a member of the Early Years team or the the school's leadership team will be happy to provide more detail should you require it. We also welcome visits to our setting to support you in choosing the most-appropriate setting for your child.

The Early Years Unit at Fenstanton and Hilton is comprised of our Pre-School, which children can join as they turn three years old, and our Reception class, for pupils starting their primary school learning journeys.

Our team of skilled practitioners work closely together to ensure children receive the right support at the right stages of their learning. We see our combined setting as a strength in terms of support the development of pupils and staff. Many of our pre-school children go on to join the main school in Reception and are already established as pupils in the setting. Pre-school is where the curriculum starts for our pupils!

We aim to provide a learning environment that is HAPPY (because we know that happy children are responsive, receptive and enthusiastic to learning) and CHALLENGING (because we know children are capable and keen to learn, and enjoy the challenge and the achievements that come with it).

You can read more about our intent on a separate page.

In Early Years, we follow the Birth to 5 Matters Framework, which leads on to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. You can see those documents here:
Birth to 5 Matters
Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

CLICK HERE to view the curriculum newsletters for Preschool and Reception Class

You may also find the following documents helpful to understand the learning journeys of our youngest pupils:

Development Matters (Non-statutory curriculum guidance for the early years foundation stage.)

What to Expect, When (Guidance to your child's learning and development in the early years foundation stage.)