Curriculum Overview

At Fenstanton and Hilton Primary school we deliver a Knowledge Based Curriculum. We link this to the National Curriculum and make sure that the children are exposed to deep learning on exciting themes.

The Curriculum has been carefully designed out to ensure a progressive approach exists as the children move through school.

We use the breadth of the curriculum to inform every part of life in modern Britain and encourage a healthy knowledge of safeguarding.

The children are taught important facts and skills that they can develop and build on themselves to ensure that they become lifelong learners.

We believe passionately in developing the children’s literary knowledge of text and expanding one’s vocabulary, in learning important historical facts, why these events happened and how they shaped the future. These are just two examples of how we deliver a deeply thought out curriculum to equip children for their adult lives and entice their imaginations into learning important subject knowledge that will filter into every part of the people that they become.