Admissions Procedure

Fenstanton & Hilton Primary School is a maintained school with Cambridgeshire County Council and therefore all admissions are dealt with by the Local Authority's School Admissions Team. Our catchment area includes both the villages of Fenstanton and Hilton. Pupils who attend our school and live in Hilton are eligible for Local Authority School Transport. 
If you would like your child to come to our school and wish to know more information on the Local Admission Policy, please contact Cambridgeshire County Council or use this link below
Moving into the area:
For families who are moving to the area and would like to be make an 'in-year application' as your child is already attending an on roll at another school, please use the link below for how to make an application.
School Transport:
For more information on school transport eligibility please see the link below.
If you would like a preliminary visit, we would be very happy to show you around our school. Please contact the School Office on: 
or 01480 375055.