School Sports Day 2023

6th July 2023

We are looking forward to welcoming many of you to school this Thursday for our Sports Day. Our Early Years and Key Stage 1 children will take part between 9.30am and 11.30am; Key Stage 2 children will take part between 1.00pm and 3.00pm. I am writing to share some further information around the day.
School uniform / PE kit
Children will change for sports day as they usually do for a PE lesson. Children should wear school uniform to school as normal, please, and have a school PE kit to change into. For Preschool children, I would suggest sending them into school in suitable clothing to take part in sports day.
Entrance / Exit
We will open the main school gates from 9.20am-9.40am to allow you to enter the site. Entrance after this time will need to be by The Fen gate. It will be possible to join us later, or to leave early, to suit your own day. This will need to take place via The Fen gate. Departure from the site at 11.30am will be by The Fen gate.
In the afternoon, we will open the main school gates from 12.50pm-1.10pm to allow you to enter the site. We will follow the same policy as the morning, including departure through The Fen gate at 3.00pm.
You will not be able to remain on site during the two events. This is to ensure the safety of our children and access to the space at lunchtime. It will also allow staff time and space to arrange the afternoon session.
We cannot provide any access to toilets on site. There will be no access to the building. Please help us by remaining on the field throughout, where events will take place.
Photographs and video
Photographs may be taken but it is essential that these are for personal use only. We do not hold consent for you to share stills or videos with third parties or on social media. Please support this essential part of our safeguarding and GDPR procedures.
The children will move around a carousel of activities, which will be based around the edge of our school field. Visitors will be asked to stand / sit in the centre of the field as they watch and offer encouragement.
It is very important to us that all children are able to access our sports day. Teams will be competing for points and we will announce winners for the morning, afternoon and overall day based on the scores the teams collect. We will be encouraging the children to offer support to each other, to compete with energy and determination, and to accept success and disappointment as a natural part of sporting competition. We are sure you will join us in encouraging all of our children.
Finally, there is no need for you to bring your running spikes! We will not be asking you to compete, only to come along, support the event, cheer on the children, and enjoy yourselves.