Our last Ofsted inspection was in October 2013



Overall effectiveness was GOOD







Achievement of pupils



Quality of teaching



Behaviour and safety of pupils



Leadership and management





Summary of key findings for parents and pupils


This is a good school.



  • Pupils make good progress and achieve well because teaching is good.
  • Teachers use questioning well to help pupils think deeply about what they are learning and to support those with learning difficulties.
  • Children in Reception make good progress because teachers make sure that they have many opportunities to talk to each other and to develop mathematical skills.
  • Teachers focus well on reading, writing and mathematics and encourage pupils to work independently and in small groups.
  • Pupils like being at school and enjoy learning.



  •  Pupils behave well and say bullying is rare. They feel safe and well cared for and that any problems they have are dealt with quickly and effectively.
  • The headteacher provides good leadership. She works well with governors, other leaders and staff to make sure pupils’ progress and achievement continue to improve.
  •  Leaders know what must be done to make the school improve and provide good training to help teachers improve their skills. Leaders are effective and well trained. The school is improving well.


It is not yet an outstanding school because


  • Occasionally, teachers do not check during lessons how well pupils make progress so work is not always challenging enough for the whole lesson.
  • Teachers do not always tell pupils how to improve their work in marking, or provide time for pupils to follow the guidance when it is given.





  • The skilled learning assistants are not always best used to support younger pupils in lessons when they are learning to read through linking sounds and letters.