Wednesday 29th November 2017 

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Attached is the Ofsted report for our school. You will see that the overall judgement is ‘Requires Improvement’ however please do read the whole report as there is a lot of positive in it. 

Unfortunately our outcomes (predominantly key stage 2 SAT results) have not been good for the last 3 years. This caused Ofsted to carry out a risk assessment on our school prior to coming in. Usually a school in a ‘Good’ category would only receive a ‘Section 8’ or one day inspection. This is more of a monitoring visit and therefore the judgement remains the same. If Ofsted decide that they do not have enough evidence to keep the school at the previous judgement they will convert to a ‘Section 5’ inspection which is two days and therefore the inspectors have the ability to change the judgement. From the moment we received the phonecall we were told that the inspection would be a two day ‘Section 5’ inspection. 

It is not a time to be disheartened though, the inspectors saw the potential the school has and the direction in which it is going. However they can only base their judgement on facts and the changes that have been made since April have not had sufficient time to embed and therefore show impact. If these changes had not been made the inspectors were very clear that the result could have been worse for us. 

The report does give us a clear mandate for which to improve. The guidance is clear that in order to improve outcomes the learning that takes place in school needs to be slicker. Lots of the pointers that we have been given have already been put into place or are planned for the near future. 

One of the most pleasing findings in the report is that Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good. The inspectors were impressed with the care that the children receive at our school and that their behaviour was good. They were impressed with how quickly the children have adopted the values and how well they show them in school.                                                                                          

 I am grateful for the way that you, as parents have embraced the changes that have been made since I started at Fenstanton and Hilton Primary School. I ask that you continue to support change as this is the only way that the school will move forward. As I have said continuously over the last 7 months, I am proud to work at this school. I believe it is a privilege to work with children and shape lives. I do not underestimate the mantle of this privilege as the Headteacher. 

The governors and I will be holding two drop in sessions to discuss any concerns you have over the next few days. The first of these will be 6pm on Wednesday 29th November in the school hall, the second will be Friday 1st December at 2.30pm, again in the school hall.

Please do come along and show your support for the school and its wonderful staff. We would really like to have your feedback. 

Kind regards, 

Claire Worth