Maths and Maths Resources

At Fenstanton and Hilton Primary School we use White Rose Maths go guide our Maths teaching and learning. The schemes of work are designed to complement teaching to mixed year group classes and follow the National Curriculum for Primary Maths.
Our daily lessons focus on number facts, fluency and reasoning and/or problem solving. In years 1-6 children complete a daily number facts quiz, which is designed to support the rapid recall of addition and multiplication number. The early parts of our lessons focus on mastering the fluency of the skill needed to be successful in that lesson's Learning Objective (LO). For example, this might focus on a written calculation method, or the ability to plot or read co-ordinates. In the latter part of our daily lessons, children will experience a reasoning or problem solving question which is linked to the LO and provides the opportunity to apply the new skill to a scenario, context or situation.
One lesson each week will focus on the core arithmetic skills for each year group. We believe that a confidence and competency with these skills are the building blocks to fully understand and solve the problems in context which were mentioned above. To support this, we also provide weekly homework for maths, which focuses on core arithmetic skills.
It is important to us that all children are able to experience completing independent work and being successful. Therefore we ensure work is adapted under the Learning Objective to ensure support for those who need it and stretch for those who have already shown success.
If you would like to support or consolidate your child's learning at home, please take a look through the booklets below and download those that are appropriate. You will see they are available to support the curriculum from Year 1 to Year 6. Please check the beginning of the file name to ensure you have the correct booklet/s.
Children in Years 1-6 have access to Times Tables Rockstars, where they can practise their times tables and secure their number fluency. You can access the site here: Times Tables Rockstars
Click on the files below to download home learning opportunities for each unit of work,
for each year group from Y1 - Y6.