Curriculum Overview

We are currently redeveloping the curriculum at Fenstanton and Hilton Primary School.  We believe knowledge and skills are intertwined and the two are key components to the curriculum we offer. 

Our curriculum has been developed to accommodate the changing structure of our school and the necessity of mixed aged classes.

The national curriculum establishes the foundations upon which our curriculum is based.  This establishes the content, milestones and expectations for ages, phases and stages in learning. Our curriculum continues to grow and develop as we respond to the pandemic and try to ensure that we are able to adapt our curriculum to children’s interests, needs and gaps.

We are developing a curriculum based on the three Is:

Imitation:  Knowledge – things that need to be taught and children need to know

Innovation:  The opportunity for children to experiment, explore, play and question what they know.

Independent application: The opportunity to use and apply what they know in different contexts and across subjects.