Art & Design Technology


Art and design

  • Use experiences and ideas as the inspiration for artwork.
  • Share ideas using drawing, painting and sculpture.
  • Explore a variety of techniques.
  • Learn about the work of a range of artists, artisans and designers.

Design Technology

Design technology is a subject which children usually really enjoy, particularly the creative and practical elements. It requires pupils to draw on all of the Rainbow learning skills which we have developed and value at Fenstanton and Hilton primary school. Pupils need to be resourceful; use their imagination and be creative and use their skills and knowledge. They need to be resilient; strong and brave to try new things. Use reasoning to solve problems, often building on relationships by working as part of a team or with a partner. They have to be responsible; taking charge of their learning and making decisions. They also have to be reflective; evaluating the work of designers and technology from the past, as well as their own work and that of their peers.

Age-related expectations

During Key Stage 1 pupils at FHPS learn how to think imaginatively and discuss their preferences when designing and making. They safely explore how familiar things work, discuss their ideas and may start to use ICT as part of their designing and making.

Cross Curricular links

An important feature of design and technology is that it makes immediate and practical use of knowledge and skills from other subjects. It is linked with art and design, mathematics and science.

At FHPS, where appropriate, we link the subject with our topic. For instance, children in Reception may be designing and making castles, using junk modelling materials to link with their Castles topic. Key Stage 1 may be evaluating toys from the past as part of their toys and homes topic.

We often set homework menus linked to our topics, which have a heavy art and design technology focus. We have been so impressed with some of the projects that have come into school.

Food technology

Food technology is highly valued and enjoyed at our school and we have been lucky to have been supported by ‘Cooks on the Move’ from Cambridge Catering Service several times. Each class has had the opportunity to cook in school and take what they have made home.

We have a purposely designed, fully functioning kitchen on our premises, where the children get to carry out Food Technology projects and learn about food origins, seasonal fruit and vegetables and nutrition.

Healthy schools

FHPS is a health promoting school. Throughout all of our Food Technology Projects, the children are taught in accordance with our Healthy Schools Policy. They are provided with many opportunities to learn the importance of healthy eating and following a healthy lifestyle. The children learn about how and when food is grown or produced, and the impact of the quantity and types of foods we eat has on our bodies.