Year 3 Animal Experience Workshop

12th June 2019
Animal Experience Workshop –Rainforest animals –Year 3 Wolves Class
To enrich our Rainforests topic work we are hoping to have a visit from Animal Experience on Wednesday 12th June with a range of fascinating animals connected with the rainforest.
Animal Experience will introduce the children to a selection of animals tegu, crested gecko millipede scorpion chameleon Brazilian rainbow boa tarantula . (The selection may vary due to health of the animals on the day).The team will discuss the animals feeding, habitat and adaptations. The session will begin with a short educational talk about the rainforests and then the rest of the session will be hands on, finishing with an opportunity for questions to be answered by the team.
This will be an exciting experience which hopefully the children will really enjoy and help them to appreciate the wonder and diversity of the animals in the rainforest and the importance of protecting them and their habitat.
The cost of the visit will be £6.50. This will pay for Animal Experience’s fee. Parental contributions for this activity are voluntary but if we do not receive adequate contributions to cover the cost we will unfortunately have to cancel the activity.
We will need the contributions in by Friday 24 th May so we can assess if the visit can go ahead. If we need to cancel we will send a letter to advise you as soon as possible. Please could you complete the permission form via the link below and make your payment via SIMS Pay by the above deadline Year 3 Animal Experience Workshop
Thank you for your suppor