Thursday Performance

12th July 2018
This year our Key Stage 2 children will be performing a play called ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies.’ As each child has a part to play, children are expected to attend ALL performances.
As space in the hall is extremely limited, for fire regulations, all performances will be ticketed and you will need to bring your ticket with you for admission. Each family will be offered 2 tickets and tickets will cost £1.00 each. (If you have more than one child in Key Stage 2, you will still be allocated 2 tickets only.) *Please note that KS1 children and staff will be invited to the dress rehearsal.
Please adhere to our terms and conditions:
  • As part of the General Data Protection Regulations photographing and filming is taken for home use only and images of the children must not be placed on the internet in any form, including social media sites.
  • To avoid distracting the performers or the audience please avoid if possible bringing babies and preschool aged children to the performances.
Performances are as follows:
Tuesday 10th July at 2.00pm
Wednesday 11th July at 2.00pm
Thursday 12th July at 6.30pm
Tickets can be purchased online via SIMS Agora, if you have more than one child only one of your children will be available to select tickets (eldest or only). If you are unable to access online please contact the school office. It would be appreciated if parents could avoid sending in cash unless absolutely necessary.
On Thursday 12th July, please could children be at school from 6pm (not before).