Portals to the Past

26th January 2018

Portals to the Past Dinosaurs and Fossils workshop for Ash, Birch, Elm and Pine Classes – Friday 26th January 2018

As part of our enrichment programme, we are hoping to have a visit from Portals to the Past, to really bring our Dinosaur topic alive and maximise the children’s learning and enthusiasm. Children will be taken back to the Jurassic period (the time of the dinosaurs) and investigate the world they lived in. There will be a variety of interactive activities including fossil hunting and model handling. 

Themed visits like this in school greatly benefit your child by enriching their learning in a practical and enjoyable way to amaze, educate and inspire them, so therefore we ask if you could please make a parental contribution. The cost of the visit will be £2.50. This will pay for Portals to the Past’s fees.

Parental contributions for the activity are voluntary, however if we do not receive adequate contributions to cover the cost of this fantastic educational experience, we will have to cancel the activity.

We will need the contribution in by Friday 12th January so that we can assess if the visit can go ahead. If we need to cancel we will send a letter to advise you as soon as possible.

Payment can be made by SIMS Agora (preferred) or cash/cheques made payable to Cambs County Council (endorsed with “Portals to the Past” and your child’s name on the back, please).

Please could you complete the form below and return with payment by Friday 12th January.

With thanks for your support.