Our School Structure


Sapphire Learning Zone 
Ash Class (Reception) Mrs Powar
Pine Class (Reception/Year 1) Mrs Herod/Mrs Andjelic
Zone Support Staff  Mrs Yeomans, Mrs Kilby, Ms Chalkley & Mrs Wilson
Emerald Learning Zone | Leader: Mrs Sumner
Birch Class (Year 1/Year 2) Miss Collinson
Elm Class (Year 1/Year 2) Mrs Sumner
Zone Support Staff Mrs Smith & Mrs Turner
Ruby Learning Zone | Leader: Mrs Snooke
Falcons Class Additional Learning Space
Kestrels Class (Year 3/Year 4) Mrs Byrne
Eagles Class (Year 3/Year 4) Mrs Snooke/Mr Haycraft
Zone Support Staff
Mrs Henry, Mrs Eldridge & Mrs Flinders
Topaz Learning Zone | Leader: Mr Smith
Kingfishers Class (Year 4/Year 5) Mrs Carminati & Mrs Jones
Hummingbirds Class (Year 5/Year 6) Mrs McKay
Swallows Class (Year 5/Year 6) Mr Smith
Zone Support Staff
Mrs Downing, Mrs Langdown, Mrs Howard &
Mrs O'Hare
Diamond Zone | Leader: Mrs Wilkinson
Finance and Business Manager Mrs Wilkinson
Office Assistant Mrs Campbell
Clerk to the Governors  
Caretaker Mr Ward