Our School Structure


Sapphire Learning Zone 
Ash Class (Reception) Miss Katie Thomas
Pine Class (Reception/Year 1) Mrs Nic Thompson/Mrs Kate Perry
Zone Support Staff  Mrs Di Yeomans, Mrs Vanessa Turner & Mrs Jessica Phillips
Emerald Learning Zone | Leader: Mrs Sumner
Birch Class (Year 1/Year 2) Miss Aisha Mahmood
Elm Class (Year 1/Year 2) Mrs Helen Sumner
Zone Support Staff Mrs Lucy Smith & Mrs Claire Kilby
Ruby Learning Zone | Leader: Mrs Snooke
Falcons Class Additional Learning Space
Kestrels Class (Year 3/Year 4) Mrs Marina Byrne
Eagles Class (Year 3/Year 4)
Mrs Kate Snooke/Mrs Laura Cooper
Kingfishers Class (Year 4/Year 5)
Mrs Kerrie Jones/Mrs Mary Carminati
Zone Support Staff
Mrs Sam Flinders, Mrs Denise Law, Mrs Tracey Eldridge & Mrs Susannah Collison
Topaz Learning Zone | Leader: Mrs Laura Cooper
Hummingbirds Class (Year 6) Mrs Karen McKay
Swallows Class (Year 5) Mrs Chikako Woodgate
Zone Support Staff
Mrs Jenny Downing, Mrs Elaine Langdown, Mrs Amanda Howard,
Mrs Nicky O'Hare & Mrs Bev Speller
Diamond Zone | Leader: Mrs Wilkinson
Finance and Business Manager Mrs Ali Wilkinson
Office Assistant Mrs Viv Campbell
Clerk to the Governors Mrs Jennifer Dover
Caretaker Mr Les Ward