Computing & E-Safety Family Cafe

26th November 2019
As part of our anti-bullying week activities, we are excited to have a booked a special guest speaker for an extra family café.
On Tuesday 26th November from 1.45pm, Craig Thompson, a Schools’ Technology Advisor will be joining us to show the great ways technology can be used and the best ways to use it safely at home.
We would like to invite carers from all Key Stage 2 families to come for the first 45 minutes – 1.45 – 2.30, to work with Craig on how children can enjoy the benefits of technology, whilst reducing the risks they might encounter. After that, Year 5/6 children will join their families to share computing activities and continue the café (Year 3/4 parents are free to go at this time).
Craig is engaging and highly knowledgeable, you will definitely find out things you didn’t know and probably share some laughs along the way… We highly recommend finding the time to join us, if at all possible.
With a focus on anti- cyber bulling in Key Stage 2, please take the opportunity to look at these materials from SafeToNet: As part of SafeToNet’s support of Odd Socks day, SafeToNet is providing parents access to its award-winning app for FREE FOR 60 DAYS Use promo code ‘ABA2019’ . Visit
We look forward to sharing learning and fun with you.