Love in a Box

10th October 2018
We will once again be supporting the charity appeal ‘Love in a box’, within our school, following the amazing success over the last two years.
‘Love in a box’ is a Christmas box scheme for orphaned children in Moldova, near Ukraine. The scheme is run by 'Mustard seed' and more information can be found at Our local contact, Mrs Jenny Stimpson, who was once worked at our school has a huge part in organizing within the village, I will be working closely with her, last year we packed the boxes together over lunchtimes along with help from the school council.
I would like to help Mrs Stimpson again, to see if we as a community could again increase the number of boxes which leave from this area this year. Last year we filled 80 boxes, some came prefilled and wrapped from you but most were made from the huge donations which came in the bagful from you and the children! These donations ranged from unwanted soft toys, toothbrushes and toothpastes from one parent’s work, while others donated money towards the petrol, or popped into poundland and gave us a 4 pack of bubbles, it is always amazing the support we have!
I am aiming to collect donations from today until Wednesday 10th October; your child’s classroom will have an area which they can store the donations and boxes until they are then transported to a sorting area. There will be no tick sheet or record of who has or hasn't given, this is totally anonymous! Then I, with the help of Mrs Stimpson and school council reps and other volunteers within school with sort what we get and box them all up on behalf of the school, ready to go to the collection points over half term.
The most amazing thing is items do not have to be new! Just clean and in good condition. Like last year I have collected several items from my house, which my children have finished using or have multiples of, e.g. bubbles, a snap game, bouncy balls and colouring pencils to name a few! It could be a tube of value toothpaste or 4 packs of bubbles for £1, something very cheap. Or even if you could donate the wrapped box or £1 towards petrol money! The only things they do stipulate is that nothing can be war related, need batteries or chocolate.
Children have items which are always included in EVERY box – we need donations of all these things this year.
Boxes – Size 4 and upwards, with separate lids if possible (the top and base need to be wrapped separately so the lid can be removed for packing/security checks etc.) prewrapped would be a huge help!
Essentials - Soap, facecloths, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrush and comb
Stationary - Pencil case, notepad, crayons, pens, pencils, sharpeners, rubber and stencil/ruler
Sweets – A small bag of sweets, or a bag or lollies, although not chocolate
A Toy – Small games, small cars, tennis balls, cards, spinners, bubbles or perhaps a little recorder, necklaces, bracelets
A small cuddly toy – small cuddly toys, knitted puppets which are especially rare, but loved
Money - £3 for petrol per box. Local volunteers drive the rented vans over personally
Hat and scarf, gloves
We will keep you updated with the progress in the form of pictures on the school website, showing each step as we go.
Many thanks for any help you can give,