Educational visits

In our school we believe Educational visits can have an impact on our children’s development not easily achieved through other means.

Education visits have the opportunity to raise achievement by boosting self-esteem and motivation. They help children develop sustainable skills in social education and citizenship, promoting teamwork and leadership opportunities throughout.

They have many fantastic rewards, they give pupils confidence to become creative, enterprising and capable of leadership, at the same time as developing their physical skills and encourage pupils to recognise the importance of pursuing a healthy lifestyle and keeping themselves and others safe.



We have 2 residential trips which we run annually. These are offered to our children in Years 4 and 6

In Year 6 our children have the opportunity to have a 5 day trip with PGL at Cathorpe Court. This happens within the first two week of returning to school. This allows the Year 6 children to start this busy year bonding as a group. The children and teachers come home exhausted but with massive smiles on their faces and many stories to share!!

Our Year children 4 then have the chance to have a two night mini-residential, slightly closer to home at Grafham. This gives our children a mini adventure, offering a taster of many different sporting pathways they may never have encountered before.