Book Week

26th February 2018

On February 26th to the 2nd March, we will be holding our annual book week.

This is intended to promote children’s reading for pleasure and enjoyment of books. This year our focus will be on promoting the reading and enjoyment of nonfiction books.

We have lots of exciting activities planned for this year’s book week: 

  • On Thursday March 1st, we will be joining with schools worldwide to celebrate World Book day. We are asking the children (& staff!) to dress up as their favourite book character on that day. We ask for a donation of a £1 which will be sent to International Book Aid, whose vision is a world where everyone has access to books, which will enrich, improve and change their lives.
  • The children will shortly be receiving a £1 book token, which they can use to purchase one of the 10 exclusive world book day books by famous authors such as, Roger Hargreaves, Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton or to go towards £1 off any other book at participating bookshops.

(More details of that to follow)

  • On Thursday March 1st, please could the children also bring in their favourite non fiction book, which they will be sharing with other children, in one of our ever popular story sharing sesisons, where a key stage one class is paired with a key stage two class.
  • At the beginning of book week, I shall also be emailing out, the great non fiction reading challenge. This comprises of 15 different reading challenges, all centred around nonfiction books. We would like a many children as possible to take part in the challenge and if they complete the challenge, they will each receive a certificate. Look out for this at the start of book week.
  • We will also be running a competition for children to design a non fiction book cover for an existing book or made up book. There will be winners and runners up prizes for each zone and the children’s work will be framed and displayed in our library. Again, I shall send further details at the start of book week.
  • We shall also be opening up our doors to readers - on Monday 26th February from 2.50-3.10 pm. We would really welcome any enthusiastic parents / elder siblings / grandparents etc who would like to come and read some non fiction books to their child’s class / groups of children. You may either bring your own book or use one supplied by your child’s teacher. If you are available, please could you complete the form below and return to me, so that we will have an idea of who is coming in.
  • At the start of book week, the children will also be participating in an inter house big book week quiz, where they will have to put their knowledge of authors and books to use to earn house points for their house.
  • In addition, during the week, the children will also participate in a wide range of activities around nonfiction books in their classes.
  • If you are unsure about which are the most suitable / best non fiction books for your child’s age, please see the attached list of top 100 nonfiction books.
  • Finally, just before half term. we will be launching extreme non fiction readers. I would be very grateful for any pictures you could send in (marked FAO Mrs Snooke) of your children reading non fiction books in extreme places e.g up trees / on top of climbing frames / under their beds / on top of mountains etc. 

I hope you and your children will have a fantastic book week.