Once your child is offered a place in our Reception, the series of transition events take place.

  1. A welcome meeting towards the end of May is a chance to learn more about expectations, routines and stages of transition; at this meeting, parents are able to meet key members of the school staff including the Reception team. Of course, your child is welcome to attend so they are involved in the move to ‘big school’ from the outset.
  2. Three taster sessions take place in the Summer term: the first is a one hour visit when parents / carers are welcome to stay, but may also leave ; Pre school staff usually attend this visit; the second and third visits are similar although parents /carers are encouraged to leave their child. Reception staff will visit nursery settings if a new child has some specific social, emotional or learning needs. This will allow staff to see the child in an environment which is familiar to them, and to talk with nursery staff about any issues. Similarly, we invite nursery and pre-school staff to visit us at Fenstanton during a taster session if there is a large group of children from one setting.
  3. In the first week of September, two members of staff will arrange to visit you in your home. This will allow you to ask any more questions which you may have, and to observe your child in familiar surroundings.
  4. A ‘staggered start‘ during the second week in September means that pupils join the class in a small group each day. This means that each child can be welcomed and have the chance to settle in and get to know their learning space. Parents / carers are welcome to stay until their child is settled and content – for most children, this takes just a few minutes.
  5. We then begin what’s called ‘on-entry assessment‘ where we observe and talk with your child about what they can do and what they like to do. This information means the Reception teacher can plan for the year ahead, making sure she and all the Reception team meet the needs and interests of your child as much as possible, providing just enough support and challenge for each pupil to enjoy and achieve.

Finally, always feel welcome to speak with Reception staff or Mrs Worth, the Headteacher, about any particular questions, comments or concerns.

Transition: Starting and Leaving Reception

Change can be difficult. We want to make sure the transition into our Reception class and then the transition to Year 1 and beyond is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Moving to Year 1 is perhaps a less significant change for children, and that’s because we’re a happy and healthy place to learn where we all know each other. In July, there are whole school transition days  pupils spend two  mornings in the Year 1 class, with their new teacher

To support you, we have an extra, third, parents’ evening. This takes place just after you receive your child’s third report and it’s a chance to look at your child’s learning journey and meet your child’s new teacher and for her to be aware of any questions, comments or concerns you have so that we can all make sure your child’s  entry into Year 1 is successful.