PTA - Virtual Balloon Race

2nd June 2021

Take part in a virtual balloon race and raise funds for school
Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to run many events this year due to the ongoing COVID restrictions. But a virtual balloon race is one event we can run! And a virtual race means that there is no negative impact on the environment or wildlife, and no plastic waste or litter generated.
How does it work?
A virtual balloon race is a 7-day computer simulated race where everything is real except for the balloons. The racing software uses current live weather data to work out the progress of each virtual balloon and each balloon that has been entered can be tracked across the world on Google Maps.
The race, called the Coronation Race, will launch all virtual balloons from Westminster Abbey on Wednesday, 2nd June. The prize for the balloon that travels the furthest is £500, second prize is an Apple iPad and there are additional prizes of £10 book tokens. These are provided by EcoRacing.
How do I sign up?
Anyone can purchase a virtual balloon for £3 – and PTA receives £2.34 for every balloon bought.
You can have great fun deciding on a name for your balloon, picking the colour, shape and pattern, and even choosing the features that might help it to win the race!
Visit our race page to buy and decorate your balloons:
Every balloon launched will help to raise money for our wonderful school.
We hope you’ll enjoy designing your virtual balloons and then tracking it throughout the race. Why not have a half-term family competition to see whose balloon goes furthest?
We’d love to hear about the journeys your balloons take around the world, so please share your balloon updates on our Facebook page:
Many thanks for your support
Fenstanton and Hilton Primary PTA