Platinum Jubilee Royal Afternoon Tea

27th May 2022

On Friday, 27th May we would like to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, by having afternoon tea with cakes and games during the afternoon to mark the occasion.
All children and staff are invited to wear red, white and blue for the day. The children will be creating bunting and decorating the school with bunting and flags so our school should look fantastic!
Our catering team are preparing a Jubilee themed lunch for the children (who have school dinners) and the hall will also be decorated (see attached menu).
During the afternoon, all of the children will gather outside for a Tea Party. We would like to ask that the children bring in cakes/snacks (individually wrapped) so everyone can share with their class at the picnic.
Important: If your child has an allergy, please ensure their snack is named and brought to the office on Friday.
The children will be playing games like beanbag toss, Simons Says, Hula Hoops etc., or enjoying a quiet read.
Date: Friday, 27th May
Wear: Red, White or Blue
Bring: Snacks to share with your class (we would ask for wrapped snacks, like mini rolls etc.) NO nuts.
Children should take these into class on Friday morning.
Thank you very much in advance, we are looking forward to a fun afternoon.