New or Lost School Uniform


Purchasing new items of uniform:

Uniform is supplied and purchased from The Green School Shop, The Old Courthouse, Priory Road, St Ives PE27 5BB. 

Phone: +44 (0) 1480 466 247

If an item of school uniform becomes lost:

If your child has come home from school without an item of clothing the first thing to do is to consult their class teacher. Often the item will have been left in the classroom or cloakroom and can be easily found. We also have a lost property collection which you are welcome to look through. Unfortunately we have a great many items that are not labelled which makes identification extremely difficult. The best forms of labelling are the iron on or sew on types as pen marking wears off. If the mislaid garments are labelled they can be returned to the class teacher and the distress of losing an item can be lessened.