Key People & Learning Journals

Each child is allocated a ‘Key Person’ prior to starting the Pre-School.  This staff member will look after their development during their time at the setting, be their main point of contact and provide reassurance and support, helping them to feel secure in the Pre-School environment.

We place much importance on getting to know your child when they start at the setting.  Your child’s Key Person will talk to you and get to know you all at your New Starter Visit, and if your child has attended other settings we will contact them, with your permission, to obtain any information regarding their developmental progress.

Your child’s Key Person will create their Learning Journal, a record of their progress and development.

We use the software Tapestry for our Learning Journals.  This gives parents and carers the option to view our observations and reports easily via the Tapestry website or App.

It also enables Parents and Carers to contribute to the childrens Learning Journals by uploading text, photos and videos for staff to view.  This can help give a wider picture of the child’s development. 

The Learning Journal is continually updated as the staff undertake regular observations of each child.  The Key Person assesses the observations of their children and ensure an appropriate ‘next step’ is identified to support the children’s continued learning and development.

At the end of each child’s time with us we provide Parents with report from the Tapestry system.  This provides a great record of their time at the Pre-School.

Fenstanton and Hilton School use Tapestry in their Reception Class and the data we can pass onto them provides them with a useful baseline of the children’s skills to build on in their first year of school.